Before the shoot

Planning your photoshoot

Setting a date
It is always best to establish a date for your shoot that is at least a week in advance. This gives both us and you time to prepare and coordinate details to make things as amazing as possible.

A majority of our work is done at your location, or one which you provide. It allows you to have a unique surrounding to your photos or video. Options are available to secure studio space or rent a location, however, those options will likely incur an additional fee if they need to be provided.

In some cases, we will ask for a deposit before the date is secured. This usually applies to photo shoots which require a permit, location fee or specialty equipment to achieve the photos or video which you are looking for in a final product.

What to bring along

Selecting Wardrobe and Outfits

Have a selection of 3-4 outfits that you feel that you would want to make use of, or feel comfortable wearing. Not all outfits will shoot as well as they look in person as the setting may interfere or blend in too much with certain outfits or patterns.

A partial list of things to think of when you are planning your photos are:

  • Bra and panty sets
  • High cut bodysuits
  • Solid colored T-shirt
  • Button up shirts (men’s or women’s)
  • Heels (pretty much a must)
  • Sundresses, Minidresses or other skirts
  • Knee-high or Thigh high stockings / socks
  • Accessories such as necklaces, bracelets or other jewellery

After the shoot

Selecting your images

Proofs are usually available by private gallery the day after your shoot.

Edited Photos
Depending on the package which you have purchased for your photography. Finished edited images are typically sent 3-7 days after you have chosen selections from your proofs.

Additional Photos
Additional photos can be edited at $25 each. Bulk rates apply for requests of more that 10 images.